Angola Prison Report by Donal Chance

What a wonderful day we live in to be working for God and to be a small part of what God is doing through the School of Christ under the leadership of President, Robert Turnage, Sister Brenda, and their staff.

Warden Burl Cain called my son, Pastor Donal Chance Jr., to come to his office at Angola Prison two years ago. Warden Cain said to him, “All I hear about among the inmates in the Angola Camps is the School of Christ, Bible Tabernacle (Pastor Donal Chance Sr. Church), and New Life Ministries (Pastor Donal Chance Jr. Church.) What are you doing to make such an impact upon these inmates?” Pastor Chance Jr. said to him, “We are only lifting up Jesus and trying to help the inmates.”

Warden Cain was so impressed with the changes he was seeing in the inmates that he asked Pastor Duke Downs and myself to come and minister to his prison pastors. I asked Warden Cain was there something special he wanted us to minister to and his response was, “Minister to them in such a way that when they go to other prisons they will be missionaries.” The School of Christ has been the tool through which God has used to make all of this happen.

Just over two months ago our first missionary was sent from Angola to a prison in Winnfield, LA. Missionary Filds has already made an impact in the Winnfield Prison in the short time he has been there. The Chaplain has now asked us to come and do a two-night revival at Angola. There is a great move of God in Angola State Penitentiary. All for the Glory of God!

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