Russia Report by Joel Pledge

We held our first ten-day School of Christ Pentecost Conference in Western Russia and we invited everyone that was thirsty for a renewal of Pentecost to join us. The speakers were Andrey Sekhin, the area director for the School of Christ; Roman Dombrauskas, graduate of the School of Christ in 1992 and leader of a major network of churches; and Joel Pledge, School of Christ Director over China since 1994.

The purpose of the Conference was three-fold. First, to renew the impact of the School of Christ in that region. Brother Clendennen preached the first School of Christ there in 1998 and many people remember the strong move of God that they experienced. They testified of its lasting impact on their lives and ministry.

Second, we wanted to renew the message of Pentecost in this area. For many years this area has been spiritually strong, they have planted many churches in the cities around Chita, Russia. However, in the last few years they have ceased planting churches and the existing churches are dying spiritually.

Third, we wanted to emphasize that the harvest is white and ready to be harvested. God is calling the Russian church to support missions through their prayers, intercession, their offerings, and by answering the call to go.

The Spirit of prayer and intercession permeated the Conference from the opening service. Hours were spent in the presence of God seeking His face, and desiring to see His Glory once more fall upon them. Many people were filled for the first time with the Holy Spirit. Many testified of being physically healed.

We presented two video messages from Pastor Clendennen that was taped in the 2006 Pray and Fasting Conference there. After the message, “The Blood, The Answer to Everything,” a woman rushed to the microphone weeping, and said that she felt a hand reach inside her body and remove a growth, the growth was gone! Another woman was healed of asthma. God moved powerfully every day.

We witnessed the Lord renew the Holy Spirit in the lives of the leaders. God renewed the call to reach the world for Christ. The alarm was sounded and the pastors and church leaders committed themselves to preaching the Gospel everywhere. The School of Christ has played an important part of the spiritual development in this region and we are excited to be able to refresh and renew the churches in faith and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The School of Christ had its beginnings in Moscow in 1992. Today we are hearing a call to return there to move the churches forward with God. Pastor Roman wants us to help his network of churches lay a firm foundation in the Word of God through the School of Christ. We have also been contacted by other ministries about training their ministers and workers. The School of Christ material is being used also to prepare workers who are entering missionary service. The opportunities are enormous!

Won’t you join with us in prayer for the restoration of the “Message of Pentecost” in Russia.

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