China Report by Andrey Sekhin

In March, we had four Conferences of the School of Christ in different cities of China. Due to circumstances in China, there were relatively few people who were able to attend. In the first Conference we had around 30 people, the next two we had 50 people in each, and in the last Conference we had about 100 people.

I am always amazed by the spiritual hunger of Chinese Christians. Uncomfortable chairs, very simple food, but they were always ready to listen to the Word of God all day long. In the pictures you can see that even during breaks they copy from each other’s notes. They don’t want to miss a single word.

In one Conference, Russian people that live in China attended and they were listening together with Chinese people. The Conferences were held at the beginning of the Chinese New Year, so it was a great spiritual start for the year.

All of God’s people were very blessed and they want to have the School of Christ for all of the leaders of their churches. It was so wonderful to see that the School of Christ is having such a wonderful effect in China.

Please, keep praying and giving for the Schools in China. We believe that this is a nation of missionaries and we will see many Chinese Christians go on the missionary fields of Asia. “Thank you” to all who are supporting the ministry in China. May the Lord bless you!

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