Cambodia Report by Andrey Sekhin

We had a great School of Christ evangelistic service in Cambodia. We expected around 300 people, but 500 people came to the service. The atmosphere was filled with Holy Spirit and it was very easy to preach. People were listening to the Word of God with their full attention and more than 300 people received Jesus as their savoir. Hundreds of people were healed. We gave away 300 bags of food for the needy. Praise Jesus!

The meeting was right next to the village administration building and the administration people were very glad that we came to the village. Praise God, Cambodia is open to the Gospel. Thank you to everyone who prayed and supported financially, that made this event possible. We are the Church—the body of Christ; everyone is doing his/her part of the work God wants us to do and together we are gathering much fruits.

Keep the School of Christ work around the world in your prayers.

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