Hungary Report by Lee Shipp

For many years, we have been privileged to travel to Hungary and meet with churches and their pastors and leaders, many of whom have been students in the School of Christ. Our trip to Hungary this year was very difficult with a great deal of spiritual warfare. There were many demonic attacks that came against us; but to the degree the attacks came, God’s grace went far beyond to give us what we needed. I’m amazed at the love of God, how much He loves us and loves His children. I’m amazed at what He did through our lives, and at the power of God to move among us and bring freedom and joy. We saw divine healings take place before our eyes, including healing of paralysis and disease.

We were part of the Pentecostal Holy Ghost Conference for Hungary. Pastors and leaders who had been students in the School of Christ for Hungary were in attendance. Pastor Tomas’ D’Nagy, our SOC director in Hungary, was our coordinator for this conference. He has worked for many years, introducing and leading the School of Christ, with a great burden to see the Power of God and the Life of Christ demonstrated in and through the believers.

The church that we were using for the conference had at one time been full of doctrinal error and in great bondage. The church members had lived in a compound, isolated from the world. The people lived with laws of holiness. They had no relationships with people around them or with other churches. The former pastor’s son became the pastor. God began to move in this young pastor, and last year he opened the doors up to the conference and the Lord delivered him. We have kept in contact and he said to me, “Last year we could not

deny the power, liberty, and freedom of God that was ministered to us. We knew we were in error and that God was not pleased with us.” He and some of his leadership began to take drastic measures to come out of this false doctrine. Because of this, they lost many of their people. Many left the church. He shared that he often felt like quitting, but the Lord gave him strength to keep going.

On the first night of the meetings, the Lord put a word in my heart about the threatening letter that King Hezekiah received from the King of Assyria. Hezekiah went into the temple and laid the letter before God and asked the Lord to look at the letter and open up his ears and hear what the evil king was saying against the people of God. God responded and delivered His people. I spoke about the blessings of God upon his people that causes the nations to fear God. After the sermon, the pastor of the church came forward to testify. He told of a threatening letter that this church had received that had caused much fear and turmoil. He said that in this message God spoke to them in detail on what the were seeking the Lord about. They were stunned as to how much the Lord loved them and would bring them this answer. This was no coincidence, but the moving of the Holy Ghost.

In the services to follow, the Lord continued to move in the people. From the depths of their being the people were crying to the Lord to be set free from their captivity. The Lord comforted His people with such grace and compassion. Then they started to embrace one another and pray together for each other’s needs. They laid before the altars in silence before God as though He was right before them. Glory to God!

The presence of God was very great among us. In Friday morning’s message about Jesus coming to give us life, there was a great unction of the Holy Ghost given to all. There was a faith that could be seen and felt and it was like Jesus went forth to war on our behalf. He so delighted the people that it broke forth into rejoicing and praise. In our closing service for the conference, there was great joy in all the people, and the Lord helped me give them good instructions from His Word about maintaining the victory and joy of the Lord.

One woman came to me and told me, “I’ve loved Jesus with all of my heart for 20 years. I’ve worked so hard to present myself to God in such a way that He would be pleased with me. In one day, the message that you preached, I realized it was not works, I was set free in the love of God.”

I can’t thank you enough for your prayers for all the Lord did and will continue to do.

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