Germany Report by Keith Malcomsom

At the end of April 2016, we once again held the School of Christ in the Eastern region of Germany, south of Berlin. We had 31 students, which included pastors and missionaries, who gathered from different towns and cities in Germany for this intensive time of prayer and the teaching of God’s Word. Several visitors attended the evening meetings and were blessed.

Time and time again students testified of the impact made on their lives as they would come down the stairs each morning for the 6 a.m. prayer meeting, and hear people already praying. One mature believer who ministers to several churches said, “I would never have thought that I would see such prayer meetings in Germany.” The Lord really met with us as we prayed in the morning and night meetings.

In the evening meetings we had some very special times in the presence of God as people were filled and refilled with the Holy Spirit. Christ is indeed the Baptizer in the Holy Ghost. There has been much of teaching on the Holy Spirit in Germany but not with a Biblical emphasis upon holiness, Christ, and the Scriptures. It is very encouraging to hear young believers who desire to serve God, recognizing the need of clear teaching that will restore Godly order to the Church.

I cannot over emphasize how vital and life-changing the School has been in individual lives in recent years. The brother who helps organize everything on the ground for us went through the SOC in Limerick, Ireland, at our annual European School taught in English. Although at that time he could only comprehend 20% of the English, it deeply impacted his life and created a deep burden to see the School run annually in the German language. One of the leaders said this was the best School yet for them in Germany. One young German lady involved in missionary work in Africa said this time “revived my spiritual life a lot.”

I am so thankful for the Truth contained in this School, and I am very aware that the Church of this hour needs it more now than ever before. Never has the need for Truth been so great in Germany and Europe. We deeply covet your earnest prayers that the Lord will move upon many hearts, and especially prepare leaders, preachers, and pastors as we prepare for other Schools in Germany and Europe.

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