Israel Report by Curtis McGehee

israelWe are witnessing in Israel a rapid and strong growth, with the gathering of Arab speaking people coming to Christ. Working together with Pastor Marwan Beem, we have seen the Lord open doors across Israel. The majority of the Pastors of the churches we are associated with in Israel, have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and believe in the power and gifts of the Spirit.

These pastors and churches are on the front line of evangelism; many of them in Muslim neighborhoods and in the West Bank. So many of these churches face considerable persecution for their commitment to Christ. In the news we hear much about the recruitment of young men and women to the demonic-inspired terrorist movement called ISIS. The Holy Spirit of God is also recruiting and calling young people to Christ and His Church.

We know the plan of God is the local church. There is a strong Arab Pentecostal church in Israel. This church believes the same as you and me. These are churches that depend on the power of the Holy Spirit. The majority of these are first generation believers; they have no Azusa Street revival or any Pentecostal history to look back to, yet, like the pioneers of the American Pentecostal movement, they have a deep-rooted faith in the promises of God.

The value of the Arab Pentecostal church in Israel is indescribable. I am humbled in the presence of these precious people; I am awed at their courage and devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ. These churches are working alongside the Christian Jewish community in Israel. These Arab speaking congregations are strong supporters of the State of Israel and many of their sons and daughters serve in the Israeli military.

A flood of refugees from across the Middle-East has come into Europe. Most of these are Muslims, and many of them are coming to the churches in Europe looking or answers. These pastors in Europe do not speak the Arab language, but have contacted the ministers we work with in Israel, and have requested that the ministers come to Europe and preach the Gospel to the refugees. These ministers from Israel are going to Europe and, as a result, many are coming to Christ.

God’s promise is through Isaac, and we must stand with Israel. The Church is often viewed as anti-Arab, but we must never forget our Christian Arab speaking brothers and sisters or the Jewish Christians and others who are caught in this conflict. Millions on both sides need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The way we bless Israel is by taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this nation.

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