Mission Message

What of the New Year

Another New Year is here. Questions arise each year at this time such as, “what does the future hold for me and the rest of the world?” There is a different answer for the believer in Christ and for the unbeliever. For the unbeliever it is a continuation in sorrows and uncertainties, without end. For the believer there is tribulation and trials with the assurance God will never put more on us than we are able to bear.

At the School of Christ we wish everyone the best in 2019, but we have one overriding concern and that is the souls of men. We examine ourselves as to rather we are in the faith or not, and we examine ourselves as to our love for the lost and our involvement in reaching them for Christ. The founder of this missions ministry, Pastor B. H. Clendennen, once told me that, he believed, if a person was not concerned about are involved in missions, he did not believe they were saved. That is a very strong statement. Given the fact of the love of God for the unsaved, the sacrifice Christ for them, and the command of Jesus to His followers, who can argue with the pastor’s evaluation?

Many new resolutions are made by individuals annually at this time of year. (Most of which are never kept). I’m asking, and challenging, our many supporters that have so faithfully given to this God chosen ministry, to renew your vow and promise to God to send His Word into all the world. That is how He has chosen to reach and save the lost (Romans 10:13-15). There are multitudes whose future is based on your decision, to support this mission’s ministry.

Just a brief personal testimony. I preached revivals as an evangelist across America for 13 years. Once in a mid-western city a mother asked me to pray for her lost son. She would visit churches when I was preaching in her areas near where she resided. Her prayer was always the same, the salvation of her son.  One day she came to me with an entirely different desire. When I questioned her as to whether her son was saved, her answer was “…no, LET HIM GO TO HELL.” As I watched her walk away, my only thought was, “I’m glad you’re not my mother.”

The lost of this world needs someone who will not give up on them. Regardless of the cost in prayer, in patience, in sacrifice, we must be toward them as Christ was. We cannot fail to do all for their eternal souls as long as we can.

I humbly ask you to begin this New Year of 2019 by doing your very best by helping us help those for whom Christ died. Then I ask of you to continue that same good work until Jesus comes.

Our prayers are with you and for you, and we ask you to remember us when you enter your closet of prayer.

Robert Turnage, President

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