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UAE School of Christ Graduates 53 Students

The second School of Christ in the United Arab Emirates had to be held in four different venues due to the number of attendees and their travel time.

At total of fifty-three students studied the School of Christ lessons in the cities of Satwa Dubai, Sharjah, DIP 1, and in Ajman. All of the SOC classes were taught at night from 7:30 pm until 11:30 pm because of the students secular work schedules.  In spite of the difficult School schedule, we saw a Zeal and dedication for the Word of God in all of the attending students. Also, some of the graduates from the first SOC class conducted in May, 2018, were able to attend.

Indeed, the sacrifice was great for every student that finish the training. In Ajman, the students from the Jesus Cares Ministry had to postpone their month long church anniversary celebration so that they could attend all of the classes. Others had to rebook their tickets home to the Philippines so they could finish the School. Some students had to file for a leave of absence from their job just to be able to attend every session. Their testimony at graduation was that it was worth every sacrifice just to know Jesus Christ in a deeper and more personal way.  

After two months of studying the lessons of the School of Christ in the United Arab Emirates, 48 students from the Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda successfully marched to get their certificates. Five graduates were unable to attend the commencement ceremonies due to a conflict with their secular work schedule. The second commencement ceremonies was held at AL Khoory Executive Hotel in Satwa, Dubai on December 7th, 2018.

SOC graduates at the School of Christ in Dubai, UAE

It was a real privilege for Brian Larsen, the Vice-President of the School of Christ International, and his wife Biviana, to attend the graduation, and the SOC students were stirred by the message Brother Larsen preached at the graduation service.

SOC Vice-President, Brian Larsen, ministering at the graduation ceremonies in the UAE

The students are praying for another SOC in the UAE to be held in the near future. They are spreading the word about what God had done in their lives through the School of Christ.

Fernando Reyes – SOC Worker

SOC graduates break out in praise to the Lord at the graduation service held at the Al Khoory Executive Hotel in Satwa, Dubai.

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