Myanmar Report by David Jacobson

The following is an email report received from Bro. Ko Aung concerning the result of the February School of Christ held in Keng Tung, Myanmar. Continue to pray for the county of Myanmar, as we know the time is short and we want to be found working for the Lord.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
Greeting in our Lord’s name. I hope and pray that all of you and your families and ministries are well in His grace and power. Church planters from our organization attended the School of Christ in Myanmar. I have seen such a change in their prayer life and they are now boldly sharing the Good New of Christ by the power of Holy Sprit. Many people accepted Jesus and were baptized. We are very blessed by all of the School of Christ workers who came and brought the School of Christ teaching. The photos are of my church planters baptizing the people that accepted Christ. God bless you all.
-Ko Aung, SOC Field Director

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