Nicaragua Report by Richard Goebel

In June we traveled to Jalapa, Nicaragua for three days of fasting and prayer for pastors that had graduated the School of Christ. As word spread about the conference, many other pastors joined us because they saw first-hand the effects the School of Christ had on the lives of pastors that graduated; their desire is to be able to attend a School. God moved in these meetings, and the pastors left strengthened for the work of the Lord in these last days.

Currently there is a great shortage of food, and some of our brethren are finding it difficult to buy the food that they need for their families. I humbly ask that you please pray for the many pastors that are laboring in Central and South America. We continually hear of the great things that God is doing in the lives of His people. The doors are open, the needs are great. We are praying that God will provide the needed finances, and we ask that you pray for us as we do the work of the Lord in all of these areas.

There is one other thing that has been on my heart for the past few weeks that I wish to share with you. Once, when considering all of the open doors before us, Brother Clendennen was asked, “Who will reach all these people if we don’t?” Brother Clendennen replied, “Religion will reach them, because they have the resources!” He knew they would be harvested for either God or the Devil. I ask that you please pray and give so that others might hear the true Gospel of Jesus before they are reached by false religion.

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