Series #18 Paths to Power Correspondence Course


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Series #18 “Paths to Power” Teacher Packet includes,

  • DVD set
  • Manuscript
  • Workbook
  • Test

Teacher Packet price $ 35.00

NOTE: There is no additional information taught on the DVDs that cannot be found in the course manuscript.

Series #18 “Paths to Power” Student Packet includes,

  • Manuscript
  • Workbook
  • Test

Student Packet price $10.00

Lessons 1-17:
1. Invincible Men
2. Believers are for Signs and Wonders
3. Disciple Not Above His Master
4. Everyone That is Perfect Shall be as His Master
5. Be Ye Perfect
6. Christ is Our Example
7. Self Denial
8. Idle Words and Foolish Talking
9. Is Not This the Fast?
10. Strongholds
11. What Manner of Persons?
12. Soldiers
13. Samson, a Type of the Church
14. Our Greatest Need
15. Present Your Body
16. Holding the Truth in Unrighteousness
17. Heat of the Desert, or Safety of the Slave Camp

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