Series #19 Pneumatology Correspondence Course


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Series #19 “Pneumatology” Teacher Packet includes,

  • DVD set
  • Manuscript
  • Workbook
  • Test

Teacher Packet price $ 35.00

NOTE: There is no additional information taught on the DVDs that cannot be found in the course manuscript.

Series #19 “Pneumatology” Student Packet includes,

  • Manuscript
  • Workbook
  • Test

Student Packet price $10.00

Lessons 1-8:
1. Historic Movement Towards the Spirit
2. Filled With the Spirit
3. Practical Manifestation of the Power of the Holy Ghost
4. Baptism of Fire
5. Filled With the Holy Ghost
6. He Shall Baptize You With the Holy Ghost
7. Baptism of the Holy Ghost
8. The Convictive Work of the Holy Ghost

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