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 Robert Turnage

SOC Directors and Workers: Brian Larsen, Steve Manville, Donal Chance, David Jacobson, Pete Spackman, Lawrence Register, Somchai, Aubry Tyler, Emmett Gagnard, Robert Turnage, Curtis McGehee, Marty Hardin, Joel Pledge, Lee Shipp, Ron Sutton, Richard Goebel, and guest Christopher Weise with DBS.


Pictured are directors and workers of the School of Christ International who were able to attend a meeting on Thursday, April 5, 2018. Due to other ministerial commitments several of our Directors were not able to attend. This gathering was held at our home offices in Beaumont, Texas. It was described by many attendees as one of the best gatherings we have ever had. I believe we are living in the last days, and God is preparing His ministers and workers for the end-time work He will do through them, “…not by might or power but by my Spirit” (Zechariah 4:6).

This was an event that God blessed, and everyone felt strengthened and encouraged to continue laboring in the whitened harvest fields of the world. God is not through with the School of Christ. He will continue to lead and direct our efforts. These men have paid a price to carry out the vision and burden of God that, concerning this missions ministry, was initiated by Pastor B. H. Clendennen. They have always had a burden for lost souls, but it was Pastor Clendennen that God used to bring together these men of “like precious faith” to join their call and ministry to effectively reach multitudes in over 156 countries of the world.

Every one of these men are true servants of God and count it all joy to be in the Master’s service. I love and appreciate them. I wish you could know them as I do, and if that was possible, you would agree with my words about them. I am not exalting man, but giving honor where it is due. But, if nothing else, we will soon be joined together in the King’s Glory forever. What a day of rejoicing when the ones who went to carry the Gospel, the ones who saw and heard the need and freely gave to send the Gospel messenger, and those birthed into the family of God because of these works, are forever joined to worship and serve Him forever and ever.

Pray earnestly and urgently for these men of God. Also pray that God will send laborers to be added to us. Time is running out, Jesus is coming soon. Doors are closing in many areas of the world, and we have the call of God upon us to go into all the world and bid them come to Christ.

We are in the process of trying to provide a better and more thorough communication of what God is doing through this missionary effort, with you, and our many other friends and supporters of this great and wonderful work of God. I know you realize there is a great need for funding and support as we all fulfill our role to reach lost souls.

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