SOC Students in Mexico Full of Enthusiasm for God

Delvis Mercado – SOC Field-Worker

Greetings from your brothers in Mexico:

Our team of workers have been working in Mexico for the past two years in three states: Mexico City, Guerrero, and Colima. During this time we have graduated a total of 96 pastors.

Pastor Clendennen once said that, “If we do not harvest the fields that are white, religion will surely do it.” I believe that our calling and commitment is to carry this message of Pentecost to those hungry for God. We found men willing to pay the price for this Pentecost message in Mexico.

Pastor Jose has been so stoked by the fire of God after graduating from the School of Christ that he has taken the message of SOC to Acapulco, Guerrero. We have just graduated 18 students from Acapulco and Toluca. They have committed themselves to the advancement of the School of Christ in Mexico.

Pastor Miguel testifies, “The Lord Jesus Christ spoke to me while I was watching the SOC lessons. The voice of the Lord said to look at the mouth of the preacher (Pastor Clendennen.) As I watched, I saw LIFE coming out of his mouth. At that moment I was baptized in the power of the Holy Ghost.” Pastor Miguel has submitted himself to the work of God through the School of Christ. He is building a classroom for the exclusive use of the SOC.

In Tecoman, Colima, we graduated 22 students. The students were full of enthusiasm for God, and thankful for the School of Christ being brought to them. Five of the graduating pastors have invited us to come and run a SOC at their church.

We will continue to promote the School in these three states in 2018. We currently have more than 80 students taking the School of Christ in these states.


 Graduating Class of the School of Christ in Acapulco, Mexico.


 Graduating Class of the School of Christ in Toluca, Mexico.

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