Southeast Asia Experiencing Revival

David Jacobson – SOC Director

I was invited to attended the World Missions Conference in Seoul, South Korea in February, 2017 by Pastor Kim. Not knowing what to expect, I was delightfully surprised that everything was clean and well kept. There was an openness toward Christianity almost everywhere. Christian music could be heard in the outdoor public square. In spite of the extreme cold, 12 degrees, our hearts were warmed by the Lord in South Korea.

Accompanying me on this trip was Ser Pho Thaw, one of my Karen students, and School of Christ graduates, from the refugee camps in Thailand. God has called him to go and minister to the Karen people all over the world. Brother Thaw will be going to Australia to minister when he leaves Thailand.

After the conference, we traveled to Thailand where I preached in Bangkok. We had a great time in the Lord and I was so blessed to hear testimonies from our former SOC students. Sashi, who was miraculously delivered from demon oppression in the School of Christ in 2008, shared how her ministry to the tourists in Phuket area was growing and she was seeing people come to the Lord. Min Myint shared about his recent evangelism trip to Myanmar where he personally led 16 people to Christ. God is continuing to move through the School of Christ.

Sashi giving her testimonial of deliverance and ministry.

From Bangkok we flew to Chiangmai, Thailand. I met with a pastor and his wife, two of our very first converts in Thoen, where we taught the SOC in 2001. They have continued to hold SOC Schools in their home, and 26 people have graduated. They are seeing many miracles manifested as the results of the training they received through the SOC teachings. I met with Dow, a graduate and she was in tears thanking us for leading her to Christ. She could not find enough words to express her joy and thankfulness for the School of Christ training. I was able to speak with Pastor Socksee on the phone but he is so on fire for God all he could say was, “I love you, I love you…Fire, Fire, Fire…” Plans now are underway for revival meeting next year in Fang and Thoen, Thailand, as the fruit of the SOC training continues to spring forth.

SOC graduate, Evangelist Min Myint giving testimony of resent trip to Myanmar.

While in Chiangmai, Thailand, I also met with Pastor/Missionary Nathan from South Korea. He is the pastor to 500 teachers at a large Christian School in Chaingmai. While visiting with him and discussing my recent trip to South Korea, I told him how surprised I was to learn that his country was the number one per capita in the world for sending missionaries. He said yes, but the Korean Church is now becoming worldly and losing its influence for Christ. I presented him the School of Christ training material. He was so moved by what he heard that He wants to use the School of Christ in all of his works in Thailand and South Korea. He has three groups in Thailand; Thai Pastors, Tribal leaders, and Korean Missionaries. He also is going to use the material in his ministry in South Korea. We are currently working to get the SOC Schools set up.

We concluded the trip by going to the refugee camp, Noh Boh, located on the Thai/Myanmar border. There we encouraged the SOC graduates and held a water baptism in the local river. It was great visiting with Pastor Tosh who was the interpreter for Brother Clendennen during the filming of the Thai SOC.

The School of Christ continues to run Schools in the refugee camps and churches all over Thailand. We are seeing a real move of God and revival is underway in Southeast Asia. Please continue to pray for the work and workers in Thailand and South Korea.

David Jacobson – SOC Director

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