Testimony from Bulgaria

Pastor & Mrs Vasil Krivonozov

It is a great joy for me to tell how God Worked in my life through the School of Christ. I am the pastor of an Assemblies of God Church in Bulgaria.

I received my education and did not have any room for the Holy Spirit. When I began preaching it was with the aspiration of building up man—not God. When I was 27 years old I was ordained a shepherd over a Church of God. I became so zealous in the work that I did not have time to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. The organization that trained me taught that a good Christian is one who shows people that he is good by their outward appearance: the doctrines of clothing, covers, binding, etc. People were cast out of churches because they were not righteous. I was condemning people just because they were not like us. I used all sorts of tricks to make a name for myself and, at the same time, I felt very holy. I was always trying to be a role model for my church and other pastors. The worst part was that I myself believed what I was doing was correct.

Pastor Clendennen had founded a School of Christ School in Razlog, Bulgaria years before. The church I served was in that region, but we were so religious that we came out against that School and wanted it to be closed. I and other religious leaders did everything we could against that School.

God began to deal with me and He showed me my life. For three years I left pastoring and became a builder. One day my work took me to the capital, Sofia, to work and I decided to take something to read. A pastor from the town of Razlog had given me a copy of the School of Christ books and I had never read them.

While in Sofia one night I reached out for the books and began to read. Even now as I write you, my eyes are filled with tears when I remember how God began to change my life through the School of Christ. When I began to read, God began to speak to me through Brother Clendennen’s messages. I read and read and wept because I knew that I was wrapped up in religion, and the walls of God’s Kingdom have fallen all around me. My ministry was burnt as it was in the time of Nehemiah.

Since then, my whole life has changed. I went home and I began to read carefully the School of Christ books and said, “Until all this information enters me I will not give these books to anyone.” In 2008, God told me to set up a new church. The first people I shared the SOC teaching was with my wife and the team leaders in my church. We have all experienced a real change from the SOC teachings. I have never visited the School of Christ, but it lives in me! God worked in my heart through the books. I have been preaching and distributing the School of Christ material. I continue to this day to read and listen to the School of Christ. I am so thankful that you supplied this material to us free of charge. I thank God for you and that you are continuing this mission. Our prayer is that we will continue to work together for Christ.

Pastor Vasil Krivonozov

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