Thailand Report by David Jacobson

We arrived Saturday, February 23rd, around 1:30 pm and prepared for the next day’s ministry at MCA’s largest church in Mahachai, Thailand. We found ourselves in a war with the enemy as we discovered the next morning that the taxi driver stole all of our cameras and equipment on the previous day.

Leaving Bangkok early in the morning, we caught four different types of transportation, starting with a fast paced half-mile run to catch a minibus. During our time aboard the train we met a British woman who was suffering from damaged discs in her back. She allowed us to pray for her.  She was a bit stunned at our boldness. We prayed that the Lord would heal her and that she would come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

Two hours later we finally arrived in Mahachai at the MCA Church where we had preached the previous year. What a joy it was to see graduates from the 2012 School of Christ and hear how the Lord is using them at the Mahachai church in outreach and church helps ministry.

After Bro. Noah preached and gave an altar call; many came to rededicate themselves to do what the Lord had called them to do.  One man, Brother Joe, who had been our interpreter last year, wept and wept as he received confirmation during that time of prayer a specific direction that the Lord wanted him to go.  His vision from the Lord was to be a missionary in the city of Mahachai. He was to preach the Gospel boldly in street evangelism and outreach to the Burmese migrant workers who reside there.

As we fellowshipped at lunch with the congregation, a local man who had attended the service, wanted us to pray that he be delivered from demon spirits. We laid hands on him and prayed that the Lord would set him free.  Praise God, he was set free.

Conference in Mahachai, Thailand. Prayer meeting after service at the Mahachai Conference. Bro. Noah and Bro. Joe, our translator at the 2012 Conference. Local man delivered from demon spirits.
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