Dominica Report by Rodney Jaggernauth

On August 12th 2013, we began our 2nd School of Christ on the Island of Dominica. We had thirteen students made up of pastors, teachers, and leaders from the Dominica and St Lucia Islands.  This was a very important School because the Lord spoke to me before I left Trinidad that through this School the doors to other Islands in the Caribbean would be opened.

One student from St Lucia after going through the School of Christ realized that what she had been teaching was false. She now knows that a Christian cannot be demon possessed and there is no generational curses in a born again believer.  She was led to believe this false doctrine from an international missions group that came to work at her ministry.  The School of Christ has up rooted, and pulled down and destroyed all of those false teaching and now Christ has made her a new spiritual leader. She is on fire and passionate to return to her work and nation to transform the minds of her people with the School of Christ. She is waiting for the School to come to her nation because she knows the impact it will have on her homeland.  Our plans are to run a full time School there later this year.  Praise God because we have been praying and trying to open doors in St. Lucia for the past three years. Now through this Minister, the door has been open, not only in St. Lucia, but Tortola, and St. Martin.

The School was a blessing and a life changing experience for these students.  Their comments were, “I’m astonished at what I received these last two weeks”  “All pastors and their congregation need the SOC” “This School was a prayer answered, I have been asking God to reveal to me the real purpose of the church” “My life has been transformed, I feel like I have been born again” The wind of God blew and purged the lives of each of the students.  I saw God work in the lives of each student by exposing and destroying many false teachings. Their eyes were opened and enlightened to the truth, and they cannot stop praising God for the School of Christ.

Thank you administrators and directors of SOC for making it possible for me to carry the gospel of truth and hope to those who were searching in this nation.

God bless you and remember this work in your prayers.







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