Tachileik, Myanmar Report by David Jacobson

God met us mightily at the Tachileik, Myanmar Conference in April, 2013—but not without a fight.  Our speaker became very ill as he was boarding the plane from Taiwan and had to return to the states.  I knew that the Lord would have us go on with the Conference, so I had to preach. God was with us and all the needs were met and the glory of God was revealed to everyone that attended.

A Spirit of revival was present right from the beginning, and the attendees who consisted of pastors, leaders, and lay people, were greatly touched by the Spirit of God and the teachings of the School of Christ.

The highlight of the conference was when two Burmese pastors came forth asking that we teach a School of Christ in their area which is located about 120 miles from the border in the Shan State of Myanmar.  They want the thirty-five pastors they are over to go through the SOC. They also want to invite other churches and leaders to come as well.

Upon returning home, I received the following email from Pastor Ko Aung stating his desire along with some pictures of this work in the Shan State.

Greeting in Jesus name! I am Ko Aung, the one who attended your School of Christ’s training in Myanmar. It was so great for me in your training and we were so blessed through your training. If you want to do this training in Myanmar, East Shan State, I can partnership with you; I am the leader of 23 churches. I desire to do training because all the church leaders under me are laymen, they never went to Bible School.  I hope and pray that you can come and open a School of Christ.  My place is 120 miles from Thailand. We talked about this when I met with you at  your conference. 

After entering Myanmar you will see idols everywhere. Attendees worshipping at the Tachielak Conference. Participants on the last day of the conference. Pastor Stephen (left) is over 12 Four Square churches with 300 youth, and Pastor Ko Anug (right) is over 23 Four Square Churches in Shan State.
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