Series 01 – The Conflict


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In the second and third chapters of the Revelation, we have the Lord’s survey of the seven churches. Those whose eyes that are as a flame of fire peer into the inner spiritual state and lay bare the condition.

When all has been surveyed and gathered together, it is to establish one fact, the presence or absence of that which from the Lord’s standpoint constitutes justification in the continuance of anything which claims to represent Him. It is a very thorough sifting of things. Take the candlestick all of gold, with its seven bowls and seven pipes, and the oil being emptied out of the living olive trees through the pipes into the bowls to provide fuel for the light. It is very complete, and a very comprehensive illustration of something that is living.

Jesus was identified with these lamps. They are called into being in order that they might be an abiding expression of the Lord as the faithful witness, the living one, the power of the Spirit. This applies to us all. We have been apprehended of Jesus, and there is one purpose behind that apprehension, to form us into a corporate vessel of divine purpose, and that we should remain the testimony of a life which has conquered death, and will conquer death to the end. The issue of our day is the issue of life and death, in a spiritual way.

The greatest crime a person can commit is to have the Life of Christ and not let it be revealed. In this series we will see how that all of God’s working with us is to reveal this life, and all of the devil’s working is to frustrate it.

Lessons 1-6

  1. The Testimony of Life
  2. The Controversy of Zion
  3. The Cross and Life
  4. The Continuation of the Conflict
  5. The Nature of the Conflict
  6. The Purpose of the Conflict