100th SOC School in the Philippines

Fernando Reyes - SOC Director

Revival is happening here in Western Pangasinan through the School of Christ International ministry. The convicting and sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit is not only very powerful inside the School of Christ classes, but it is flowing through our students into their respective churches.

We started the school with less than 100 students in our five venues, but now we have more than 250 in attendance, and we are needing to print more SOC books. We are conducting our classes in five venues: Agno, Burgos, Dasol, Anda, and Alaminos City.

We are not limiting the number of students, although we are at the height of the corona-virus pandemic, because we do not know when this pandemic will end. We feel we need to take this opportunity to teach the lessons of the School of
Christ because I have the feeling of “it’s now or never.”

Covid 19 cases are still growing in number here, but we have a mission to finish, and the Lord is Faithful. His protection is upon His people. Keep us in prayer as we strive to complete the work God has called us to do.

Five venues and two-hundred and fifty students attending the 100th SOC in the Philippines.