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SOC Altered Pastors Life Forever

Brian Larsen – SOC Director/Vice-President (Left),  Brother Maxi – Field-Worker (Center),  Pastor Edgardo Noceda (Right).   Greetings, may the Peace of the Lord be with you. My name is Pastor Edgardo Silvino Noceda and I went to the School of Christ in Argentina in 2010. At that time I was a Youth Pastor and worked together…

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Evangelistic Harvest Being Discipled in Mongolia

 Joel Pledge – SOC Director  Andrey Sekhin – Field-Worker   Andrey Sekhin and myself just finished our second School of Christ in the Erdenet region of Mongolia. Because of time limitations, we had a two-week School. We met every day for two hours of prayer and six hours of teaching. Most of these students were…

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June Mission Message

 Robert Turnage – President   A friend of mine wrote a song entitled,  “WHY SHOULD I FEAR” The lyrics of the song are: “Why should I fear when the Lord is on my side, Why should I fear in His love I’ll safely hide; He is to me my Fortress and my Rock, Tell me…

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