I recently traded in my seven-year-old car. Mileage and other factors entered into the decision to change vehicles. This was during the coronavirus pandemic, and there was a shortage of vehicles to choose from. A person had to pick some things they otherwise would have dismissed and do without other items they would have desired to have on a car. I told the sales staff this was a trying experience, but they and I had to compromise to settle on a vehicle.

After all of our discussion, I thought about those who have compromised their beliefs, convictions, and standing with God. It is one thing to compromise in life's business decisions, but another when it involves eternal matters. Possessions will decay and one day be replaced. God never changes, diminishes, or is replaced. He never changes, as seen in Malachi 3:6, "For I am the LORD, I change not."

Aaron, the brother of Moses, had witnessed all the miracles that God had worked for the children of Israel. He had seen the Red Sea parted, how God protected them with a cloud and a fire, gave heavenly food to eat, and they drank water out of a rock. While Moses was meeting with God, Aaron compromised with the people. They made a golden calf, gave it credit for bringing them out of their troubles, and worshiped it as a god.

Aaron was a leader of the people, but he was undoubtedly swayed by the people who had other ideas about what was the right way to proceed other than Moses's ways. Repeatedly the Bible says that as God led Moses, he led the people. They needed a leader that would not compromise the ways of God. Aaron was not as strong as Moses to resist the ways of the natural man and solely obey and follow God.

Today many leaders have compromised the right way, followed the desires of human thinking, and spiritually built their own golden calf. It has been rightly said that most people want a "user-friendly" religion with no interference from a Godly leader or God Himself. They want to be left alone in their godly shortcomings and be ushered straight into heaven. In Exodus, God showed His anger toward this condition. Only the prayer of Moses for the people changed God's mind toward them. We need Godly, uncompromising leaders to pray for us and faithfully show us the things and ways of God.

Moses loved these people so much that he was willing even to be blotted out by God for them. Rather than destroying these people for their error, Moses prayed for his brother and all of the people.

Refuse to compromise the ways of God and find faithful, strong, and uncompromising leaders that will love you, pray for you, discipline you, even to the point they will be willing to face separation from God to see you in complete fellowship with God. Refuse compromise.

Robert Turnage - President SOC