An Opportunity To Sow Into The Kingdom

With the uncertainty of our times, political strife between nations, and economic collapses worldwide, God has provided the Church with the resources to fulfill the Great Commission of Preaching the Gospel to every creature. The Lord has afforded us the unparalleled opportunity to carry out the call of the First Church of Pentecost in the Book of Acts, that is, to be witnesses unto Him in the “..utter most parts of the earth…” We are grateful for every God-ordained Church and Ministry that is fulfilling this heavenly mandate.

In this report, I would like to inform you of the startling fact that, according to recent reports and studies, nearly 3.6 billion people have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ! In March of 1975, it was stated that 1.5 billion had not heard the Gospel preached. Consider that the number of people has doubled in less than 50 years who have not heard the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It is hard to imagine this taking place in our lifetime. So, with this reality presented, I want to direct a series of questions towards you. What have you done since your born-again experience? What have you done since being filled or refilled with the Holy Spirit? What have you done with your life since God healed your broken body? What have you done today with God’s exceeding great and precious promises? What have you done for a world fully ripened for the harvest? What have you done for those 3.6 billion souls that have never heard the name of Jesus Christ?

The World is waiting for a demonstration of the Kingdom of God! Today is the day we have the opportunity to sow into the Kingdom! It is not in eternity that we will invest in the Kingdom, but it is here and now with the time that the Lord has given us. By sowing now, we can impact the Kingdom of God for eternity. God does not work on a percentage basis. He desires you to use that which He has given you to its fullest capacity. Be it one talent, two talents, or five talents, God desires to see an increase! Whatever talent God has given you, whether it be to support through intercessory prayer, to support in sending others to go, or even to answer the call to go yourself, use the talents God has given you to increase the Kingdom!

If the Lord has laid this ministry, School of Christ International, on your heart, we would like to invite you to join us in this worldwide ministry outreach! Join us in our mission, an all-out effort, to bring men face-to-face with the Kingdom of God! We praise the Lord for all He has accomplished in and through the ministry of the School of Christ in the past and present. The exact number of countries and students touched by the message of the SOC are genuinely innumerable, plus the countless souls that have come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior as a direct result of the ministers that have gone forth. Truly, Heaven will be a time of rejoicing when the fruit of this labor is seen in eternity. We are excited about all the Lord is doing and will continue to do through this ministry as the day of the Lord soon approaches.

Though God has blessed this mission ministry, School of Christ International, with a great history and heritage, the reality of our present age is that vast places still need to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your support and generous partnership in this endeavor will enable us to send those directors and field workers who stand ready to go! Brother Clendennen once said, there is “No faith…required to give what you have, but to promise what you don’t have puts you in a place of faith. This pleases God.” Prayerfully consider joining us and making eternal investments through your Faith Promise commitment today. Encluded is a self-addressed envelope to mail back your SOC Faith Promise today!

Thank you and God bless you,

Brian Larsen - SOC President