Cambodian Prisoniers Heard the Gospel Gladly

Greetings! Praising the Lord that He allowed me to minister throughout Cambodia. I held services in three prisons; in two prisons, all prisoners were allowed to attend the services and hear the Gospel. I distributed one thousand two hundred and thirty-four food packages to the prisoners and workers. The packages contained five instant noodles packets, two cans of canned fish, and two cakes. I also gave food packages to the prison workers.

Prisoners, administration personnel, and  guards warmly thanked me for coming. I was able to minister to many poor and unbelieving people in Cambodia. More than fifteen hundred people heard the Gospel, many for the first time. Most of them  repented of their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. I was able to give support to local missionaries that will follow up with the new converts. I also preached the School of Christ material in three churches.

Now on to Myanmar, where I will continue to preach the Gospel to Buddhists. I will also visit former graduates of the School of Christ and preach the School of Christ in their Churches. (Report will be in next month’s WMR.) Pray as I travel and minister to the people of Cambodia and Myanmar.