Nicaragua Pastors Congress

The Pastors Congress for South America was held in Tipilapa, Nicaragua, in July of this year. There were Pastors that came from all regions of Nicaragua. As well, we had a group of Pastors who traveled fifteen hours from the Caribbean Coast, another group who traveled nineteen hours from Honduras, and those who came from Costa Rica to join us. Many of these Pastors are School of Christ International graduates. The Leadership represented over five hundred Churches in attendance at this Congress. Pastor Delvis Mercado, SOC Director, and the members of the Abundant Faith Church labored intensely for weeks to get ready to host this Congress.

Pastors were invited to come together for a time of fasting, prayer, and the Word of God to strengthen them and their work in this region of the world. Every day began with prayer at 5 AM followed by preaching and prayer until the evening. This was a great time of blessings, soul searching, and refreshing as God dealt personally with each attendee. Pastors testified that they were challenged by the messages and the time in prayer. These Pastors desire to know the Truth found in the Word of God. I believe we will see eternal fruit in the ministry of many who were present and crying out to God at this Congress.

The last two days of our trip we visited other areas where the SOC graduates have started new churches. Pastor Emillano felt God calling him to plant a church in a very rural area. Pastor Emillano has a tremendous testimony of dedication and tireless labor for the Lord. His church is held under a tent. Repeatedly he was told there was no need to build a building because the area was too rural and no one would attend. But God directed otherwise! The work is two years old, and they have about thirty-five people in attendance. Our visit was on a weekday, and I noticed that people were starting to arrive at the church. They were coming for an afternoon prayer meeting. They began to pray and asked that we pray for family members and children that were sick. This was a time I will never forget. In the very near future, we will help them construct a roof and floor for their church.

There has been a great move of God in Nicaragua over the past ten years. The SOC teachings have impacted the lives of Pastors and many new churches have been planted. New doors of training were opened to the SOC following this Congress. We also received many requests for running Schools in different areas of Central America. Praise the Lord for all that He continues to do!

Since we arrived back home many reports have been emailed to me of what God is doing in Nicaragua and the surrounding countries of Central America. We are grateful to have a small part in these amazing times of the Last Day Church. We ask that you pray for this part of the world. God is doing miraculous things on a weekly basis. We are seeing souls saved and local churches being raised up out of a true vision to reach the lost with the Gospel. We are reaching the indigenous groups of people that are unreached in many of the mountain areas. Pastor Enoch Herrera has been called of God to work and plant churches in this mountainous region. It is very difficult work, but he is a man called of God.

We ask you to pray for the School of Christ International Ministry and give faithfully as we truly believe we must labor while it is day. We can see in every nation there is shortly coming a time when we will not be able to work as freely as we can today. We must be about our Father’s business.