Colombia Continues to Train Workers

Sister Marina Prieto requested that we run a School of Christ School in Soledad, which is part of the metropolitan area of Barranquilla, Colombia. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by 20 students eager to learn more about the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ. The series, “The Conflict,” made a tremendous impact on each student as they began to realize what God was looking for in their lives. With each lesson, you could see the changes taking place as they drew closer to Him.

Pastor Able Fonseca and I traveled to Puerto Gaitan, Meta, 139 miles east of Bogotá, Colombia, where we were received by Pastor Benigno Santo. We began to teach the School of Christ School with 12 students. From the very beginning we witnessed the glory of the Lord moving in every class. The testimonies started to come in immediately of what God was doing in their lives. Brother Jesus Garavito, a student, testified that God had called him to be an evangelist.

We saw revival. While there, we also visited the indigenous community of Piapoco peoples who live in the region of Meta. We are coordinating with church leaders to run our next SOC School in that region.

Pastor Jhony Rosales, SOC worker, was able to run a School of Christ in Nueva Venecia village at Pastor Walter de Maya’s church. Nueva Venecia village floats deep within the arteries of the Magdalena River Estuary System in Colombia. The houses are built on stilts in the water, and the 400 families that live there depend upon the water for their survival and living.
These students received the School of Christ teachings with an open heart, ready to learn more of Christ.