Convention 2022

Pr. Robert Turnage

Pr. Robert Turnage - President SOC

In crisis times, the devil will work overtime to disrupt the work of the Almighty God. His time is short. Some people are discouraged, confused, and listen to every voice being sounded. They go along in their confusions, believing every lie and trick of hell, that they are in the will of God. They do not prepare themselves by having the Truth of the Mind of Christ and leadership of the Holy Spirit. God has not changed. He is always the same, in every battle, satanic attack, and time of change in the world.

There are times when everyone needs a refreshing of the Holy Spirit, a renewing of a heavenly vision, and ears anointed to sort out all voices in the air. We have invited Godly men who are blessed with singleness of heart and with a clear knowledge of Christ and His Word. The path for these times of unrest and crisis has been laid out before us by God Himself from the beginning of time. He said of Christ, “He is my Son, follow Him.” Jesus said I will never leave you nor forsake you and will always go before you.
Thirty years ago, Pastor Clendennen started this ministry. Following his death, he left it to us to continue. The call of God is upon us, and Pastor Clendennen had faith that we would faithfully follow his lead to go into all the world with the lessons of Truth and Encouragement. Thank God we have accepted the call and kept that confidence. In this Convention, we will come together again to join ourselves in the work we share together.
These ministering brethren are preparing for their part in the services, and God has left us with every good and precious promise of supplying our needs. JOIN US.
We look forward to seeing you at Convention,
Robert Turnage
President of the School Of Christ International
Below is the information for the upcoming 2022 School of Christ International Missions Convention Celebrating 30 Years
Convention Location:
PAG Pottsville Assembly of God
5867 US-64 E
Pottsville, AR 72858

(479) 967-2715

Hotel Information:
Holiday Inn - (479) 219-5152 ($79 + tax)

La Quinta – (479) 967-2299 ($79 + tax)