SOC Work in People’s Republic of Donetsk

Joel Pledge

Joel Pledge - SOC Director

We have just completed the School of Christ in the People’s Republic of Donetsk with thirty-one students from nine different churches in the region under the direction of Field-Worker Andrea Sekhin. This group of students included one pastor, two assistant pastors, and a group from a small Charismatic Church. The classes were opened to outside Christians who wished to know about the School of Christ. This enabled visitors to familiarize themselves with the School’s teachings. They were very encouraged and blessed by the SOC teachings.

SOC Class in People’s Republic of Donetsk.

The local government requested that the churches in this region form a Union of Churches. The churches asked Yuri, a former School of Christ graduate, to lead this group. This means that this group of Churches will be united under the teaching of the School of Christ, and we expect that they will have more Schools in this region in the future. Key ministers from the Union of Churches were invited to attend the School for a few days as they were unfamiliar with the School of Christ material. They were very excited about what they learned.
This School was run under the discipline as taught by Founder B. H. Clendennen with prayer and study. The teachers began prayer at 5 AM every morning, but they were joined by zealous students hungry for God. The rest of the students joined in prayer at 6:30 AM. What a great time of prayer and learning.

Andrea Sekhin. SOC Field-Worker

The first SOC held in Donetsk by Brother Clendennen was funded by Director Joel Pledge and the City of Jackson Church. They were blessed to expand on what is happening in the Donetsk region by funding this School. To God be the Glory!

Students listen as Andrea Sekhin teaches the School of Christ.

Early morning prayer during the People’s Republic of Donetsk School of Christ International.