Editors Notes

Brenda Turnage

Brenda Turnage - SOC Administrator

Among the group of students that made up the first SOC School in Moscow, Russia, in 1992 were Ukrainians. Unknown thousands of ministers and missionaries have graduated from the School of Christ through the years.

Founder B. H. Clendennen personally taught the first SOC School in Ukraine, and the leaders and graduates committed themselves to the work of missions. For security reasons, the men of God, graduates of the School of Christ that oversee the work of SOC in Ukraine are referred to as “The Ukraine Brothers.” They have a burden for the Ukrainian people and the hungry Christians in closed countries around them. They have given themselves to taking the Gospel into areas closed to most of the outside world, such as Turkmenia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. “The Ukraine Brothers” have continuously trained and worked with the SOC since the beginning. The work is going forward, and God is supplying the workers through SOC graduates called of God to be missionaries. God has called us to either GO or SEND, and with your financial help, they were and are able to GO.

According to Christianity Today magazine, “Ukraine has become not just the ‘Bible Belt’ of Eastern Europe but a ‘hub of evangelical church life, education, and missions.’ At present, the country is a crucial supplier of missionaries and is a center of evangelical training and press printing for all the countries of the former Soviet Union.” Mission outreach workers need our prayer as they face these most difficult times of war and destruction.

God is still calling young men and women to follow the Great Commission, “Go Ye Into ALL the world and preach the Gospel’. Pray God will continue to use these young missionaries and that they will go in His strength and boldness.