First School Since Pandemic Held in Myanmar

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we last taught the School of Christ at the Myanmar Christian Assembly in 2019. Because Thailand lifted its COVID restrictions, MCA finally resumed its regular schedule this year, and we then resumed our training by teaching thirty-four potential  spiring pastors and leaders the SOC for two weeks at the church.

Immediately, we could see a shift in the Spirit as students were different than in prior Schools. They were much more attentive and involved than the other groups that attended the SOC. They allowed no distractions to enter during the classes. They shouted out hearty Amens even when we weren’t expecting it.

Over three years ago, Pastor Yimmi Janger from Nagaland, India, contacted the SOC about training for the pastors and workers under his leadership. Pastor Robin StClair, Vice President of SOC and Director over India, traveled to Nagaland to meet with Pastor Janger last May to see the facility he had or what was needed to run the School of Christ. Pastor StClair realized that a building had to be built in order for us to train there. After returning to the States, President Brian Larsen, and Pastor Robin StClair began to pray for God’s direction to train these pastors and workers.

At the SOC Summit 2023 in October, Pastor Joseph Raju from India contacted the SOC office to attend the Summit as he was already in the States. After meeting Brother Brian Larsen and Pastor Robin StClair, he said, “Now I know why God sent me here.” He has the facility to house and train the students from Nagaland and wants the ministers under his leadership to be trained. The pastors in Nagaland can easily travel to the facility in India. Praise the Lord! God has everything under control!

Pastor Yimmi Janger had never been through the School of Christ, so arrangements were made for him to attend the SOC School at the Myanmar Christian Assembly. He and another leader attended this School, and they fit in very well with the Burmese students. Even though Pastor Janger has over 1000 believers under his leadership, you would find him cleaning the church every morning. The Bangladesh SOC representative, K. L. Bawm, visited during the School and had fellowship with the Nagaland leaders as they spoke the same language.

Through this School, God is uniting the peoples of Southeast Asia. Jesus will have His Church throughout the 10-40 window!!!
We taught and prayed for the students daily and graduated the class after two weeks of training. We also saw three of our former students who are now pastoring satellite churches in three different Thai cities.
Praise the Lord for the work He is continuing to do in Myanmar.

Thirty-four graduating students from the Myanmar SOC School.

Thirty-four graduating students from the Myanmar SOC School.