Focus On Europe

Keith & Candace Malcomson - SOC Europe Director

The year 2020 has been a notable year for us all. At the beginning of that year, we had many wonderful plans. In May, we were going to run a school in Berlin City, Germany, with students from around the country. We planned to hold our European school in Limerick City with students from several different countries for July. We were making other plans to travel to several other countries to restart schools and initiate new ones. But the worldwide lock down brought an end to travel and public gatherings. For the past year now, Ireland has been under the toughest and longest lock down in Europe. Most of the time, we have not been allowed to travel more than 5KMS from our homes, or have visitors to our house, or have church services. A few weeks ago, a pastor in Dublin was arrested for simply holding a service in his Church and is now being threatened with six months in prison.

On top of this, just weeks before the lock down in February 2020, my wife received an aggressive cancer diagnosis, and as a result of initial treatment, we almost lost her. She was left dependent on a nebulizer several times a day and only just able to breathe, making her bed-bound for three months. Then in June 2020, she received a terminal diagnosis and was given six months to live. Because the message of the School of Christ is real in our hearts and lives, and we have lived it year after year, what else could we do than go to our knees in prayer, fasting, and have faith. One morning as Candace fell to her knees by her bed desperate for breath, she cried to the Lord, and immediately God healed her lungs. She put away the medication, the nebulizer, and began to praise the Lord. A few weeks ago, Candace was used of the Lord to direct and encourage a young lady with a very serious illness who was beyond medical help to receive immediate and complete healing from the Lord.

But God! As we have fought through these trials and just preached faithfully week in and week out. God has opened an effectual door to reach many more than we previously could have. What the Devil has meant for evil to destroy us, God has turned it for good and the furtherance of the Gospel on every side. Confined to our home, we were forced to do the SOC online by Zoom, and to our surprise, God has suddenly raised many new friends in many new countries. We have been in constant touch—weekly if not daily for months—with brand new believers saved only a short time, even during this crisis. We are now teaching a whole new harvest of souls that the Lord has brought into the Kingdom for such a time as this. They are earnestly seeking the Lord and the Word of truth. We are also witnessing a stir among mature believers.

As I write this testimony, I am preparing to preach the SOC message, The Controversy of Zion – the fight for true spiritual life. This message is precisely what is happening today in the Church. This is an evil hour but a great hour. Our greatest opportunity is before us.


When I first heard of the Great Reset and read up on it in early July 2020, I realized that Covid-19 was a smokescreen for something extremely sinister. At the beginning of August, I taught and warned our local church but resisted inner prompts to go public. At the beginning of October, the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘If you delay one more week in going public, it will be too late.’ And so, I released the first of four videos exposing the Great Reset. Less than two weeks later, the subject hit world headlines, and my videos went viral. Sinners, backsliders, and new converts have been contacting me. If I had delayed just one week, I honestly would have missed something very important.

In his 2016 book on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Klaus Schwab detailed 23 profound shifts that will take place. ‘Shift one’ was “Implantable Technologies,” with the first implantable smartphone hitting high streets widely by 2025. Shift 22 was “Designer Beings” through altering the DNA of embryos and editing their genome. In his 2018 book, Shaping the Future of The Fourth Industrial Revolution – A Guide to building a better world, the fifth section of the book was on “Altering the Human Being.” He said, “The 4IR technologies will not stop at becoming a part of the physical world around us—they will become a part of us.” He predicted that technology would envelop us and embed itself within us. “Today’s wearable technology will tomorrow become implantable in our bodies and brains.” This is the same Schwab who initiated the Great Reset on the 3rd of June 2020, with the backing of Prince Charles, the UN, IMF, WEF, Bill Gates Foundation, Soros, etc. God help us!


Just seven and a half years ago, when the Lord called Candace and me to stop traveling and start a new church with just several new or young believers, it seemed illogical and impractical. We had many doors wide open to us into many nations with calls to preach at conventions, teach leaders, and run short-term Bible schools. We were just about to embark upon the busiest year of our marriage. But providence and scripture led us differently. The Devil immediately began to tell me every day for one entire year, ‘you are deceived, crazy, nothing will happen, and every door will close to you and never open again.’ It was a hard fight of faith. Many friends mysteriously deserted us. Others opposed us. Most misunderstood us. But it was time to begin filling the storehouses just as Joseph had done.

It was only seven years down the road in September 2020 that the importance of this decision and change became fully evident, and we gained insight into the fuller purpose and plan of God. If we had not obeyed the Lord’s guidance, we would not have been ready for this present hour. The Lord delivered a message to our hearts concerning something that would begin to happen immediately through the ministry of the Word. It was time to open the storehouses and begin to feed the multitudes in this crisis hour (on our church website, we made every audio message available to listen to and download, and on YouTube the videos). Since then, in recent months, we have made many new friends around the world. They have joined us in fellowship and prayer through the ministry and truth of God’s Word through social media.

When we first started this church, it was with the vision that it would be a recovery vessel. A vessel that would

carry the remedy for the corruption that had engulfed the church worldwide in this hour, His name is JESUS, and that this local church would be an instrument in God’s hand to put back into the Body of Christ that which had been lost. Through the ministry of God’s Word, we have endeavored to restore God’s order, principles, and pattern in the local church and, as a result, to do the same in the broader body of Christ.


Friday, April 16th, we started a week long School of Christ (SOC) through zoom in the German language. I was scheduled to teach the SOC in Berlin, Germany, in person, but due to the restrictions to travel and limits to the number of people allowed to gather, we are now going to run the SOC through zoom. A group of believers gathered in Berlin City in a room to go through the lessons and join in prayer. Others who could not go to Berlin City participated from their homes in Germany and other nations (UK, Ireland, etc.). I taught the SOC lessons in English, and it was translated into the German language.

We started with six lessons on The Conflict (for the Church - true spiritual warfare), followed by The Almighty Blood (7 lessons), Repentance (5 lessons), The Cross (5 lessons), Faith (7 lessons), etc. There were young believers present as well as mature believers who function in ministry. (A complete report will follow in another issue.)

We send you all much love and blessing in Jesus Christ and encourage you to keep studying the Word of God, keep your eyes upon Jesus, and to discern the hour you are living in. If you have become inactive, with no desire to reach souls, no expectation or hope for revival or an outpouring of the Spirit, then you are asleep and you are not truly expecting the soon return of the Lord. It is only words! If you are awake, with lamps trimmed and burning, then you are up and active. This is the very last chapter of church history and we are in it! Let us fight well, run well, love well, believe well, and hope well unto the end. There are eight billion people on earth, the greatest harvest in history is possible, judgement and wrath is at the door, it is a fearful hour but a remarkable hour, a dangerous hour but an hour of great opportunity.