God Is Doing An Amazing Work In Bangladesh

The location of the Mro people in Bangladesh.

The School of Christ International Field Worker sends this report regarding the work in Bangladesh.

“We believe and exist to make disciples who make disciples among the unreached and majority group of Muslim people here in Bangladesh. Taking the command of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19) as our responsibility, we have been given and are doing our best to reach out to Bangladesh with the true Gospel. As we proclaim the Gospel, people’s hearts are being stirred and changed. We have seen 143 people, come out of Muslim, Hindu, and Animism, accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and be baptized in water. We are now praying for a church building.

God is doing amazing work among our team of SOC graduates here in Bangladesh. Each graduate is assigned to work in a respective village after graduation. They are seeing a real move of God among the people as they accept Jesus as the King and Lord of their lives. Evangelist L. Bawm, a SOC graduate, is assigned to work among the indigenous Mro people in the village of Ramari. He said that there was not one Christian in the village when he got there. He began to learn the language and befriended the villagers, and now he reports that he has 80 converts. In April, we were able to dedicate to God the Mro church building. We are also needing to build 3 more churches in other areas that our SOC evangelists are working.”

Covid 19 has not stopped the church from going forth but instead ushered in the “true church.” Missions have continued to go forth as reports are coming in from every corner of the earth. New souls are coming unto the Kingdom, and new church buildings are not only needed but are being built. God is moving!

Keep the work in Bangladesh in prayer as they endeavor to reach the unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.