God Made a Way Where There Seemed To Be No Way

Director Richard Goebel and Fieldworker Delvis traveled to Nicaragua to hold a Central and South America School of Christ International Conference on October 14-18, 2021. This testimony was given at the Conference:

Pastor Plutario on his raft heading for SOC Conference in Nicaragua

Pastor Plutario on his raft heading for SOC Conference in Nicaragua

Pastor Grover, one of the SOC workers, received a call
from Pastor Plutario expressing his desire to attend the SOC Conference in Nicaragua. Pastor Plutarion said he did not have the money to repair the motor on his boat or the funds to make the trip any other way. He would be unable to make the trip on the Tipitapa River to attend the Conference.

Pastor Grover reminded him of how he came to the School of Christ the first time. In prayer Pastor Plutario, heard the voice of God say to him, “Raise your eyes, and the Lord asked him what do you see? And Pastor answered trees, Lord trees. Then the Lord told him to make a raft and travel to the SOC location and when you do, I will teach you.” He then ran and prepared a raft. He spent almost a day sailing until he arrived at the School location.

History repeated itself. Pastor Plutario once again built a raft and left Santa Fe, a remote community upriver,  to attend the SOC Conference. He traveled by raft for eight hours and walked all the next day to catch a bus to be at the Conference.

Pastor Plutario was not the only Pastor to make this sacrifice. There were others! These are the kind of people that are taking the Gospel to places we cannot reach ourselves personally. God is using the School of Christ for His purpose.

Pray for these Men of God as they labor for Him in these closing days.