Graduation of the 100th SOC Class in the Philippines

Fernando Reyes

What an exciting time we had at the School of Christ International 100th Class graduations in the  Philippines. Because of the Pandemic situation, we had to hold classes in five different venues.

Through much prayer, even though there was a lot of pressure due to increasing Covid cases (Delta Variant), we felt like we should go forward with the graduations to encourage and bring a message of hope in this time of the Pandemic.

The first graduation was in Alaminos City on August 23rd with 22 SOC graduates. On August 24th, the second graduation service was held in Agno province of Bohol with 62 graduates. The third graduation was held on August 25th in Anda province of Bohol with 18 graduates. The final graduation on August 26th  was held in Desol province of Pangasinan with the combined classes from Burgos province of Pangasinan and Desol province with a total of 68 graduates.