Guatemala Moving Forward With SOC Training

We praise the LORD for continuing to allow the School of Christ International to work in the Republic of Guatemala.

Upon arrival at the La Aurora International Airport, our fieldworker Pastor Jorge Chamale, who directs the work of the SOC in Guatemala, was waiting for us with open arms.

Everything was in place, and from the very beginning of the Congress, the atmosphere was filled with the Glory of God. Brother Richard Goebel brought a challenging message to the congregants encouraging them to remain firm in the times we live in and prepare for what is coming. Each message spoke to the very heart of each attendee.

An exceptional graduation service was held by the Guatemala team graduating more than twenty students. Again the message was brought by Brother Goebel, encouraging each student to take advantage of the  experience they received from the Lord  during their time at the SOC. He reminded them that behind each School were those that sacrificed so that others could receive
the Word of God.

After graduation, we traveled to visit the Pastors in Almolonga, Guatemala. This area experienced a powerful revival in the ’90s. We then traveled more than six hours to the town of Huehuetenago, Guatemala. We felt this was the Will of God for us to encourage them.

Pastor Venicio Gomez, a graduate of the SOC in 1999, started running a SOC at the beginning of this year. Four pastors in this area were excited to receive training from the School of Christ International. Thank you to all who gave to make this trip possible. Your prayers were felt, and the Kingdom of God is moving forward in Guatemala.

SOC graduates in Guatemala.

SOC graduates in Guatemala.