Kids Under Gunfire

Briefly, we are interjecting these life and death needs at the last moment before printing this “Missions Report.” We felt we had to adjust our articles and scheduled printing to add these requests from our Christian brothers and sisters.
We have received word that our director, Brother Somchai, a native of Myanmar, has been caught in the middle of the deadly war in that nation. The last word I received from Brother Jacobsen, another of our directors, was, “there is no way to get reports in or out of that country. Wednesday, March 31,  Brother Somchai attempted to contact me but I was preaching in a service and with the time difference I was unable to do so. At least I know he is alive. What’s taking place in that nation is a massacre.”
Another cry for prayer is from our worker and partner in Finland, Dr. Charles Sheen, concerning their orphanage that is under attack in Myanmar. His direct quote to us without us making any corrections is:  "Yesterday was a bloody and most  dangerous day for Kalay, my town. The army killed four civilians and 100 injured. The army roamed around the town at night. The Agape Orphanage that Dr. Charles has been supporting over the years has more than 40 kids. The armies came across in front of the orphanage house. They shot the house  around. So, the teacher and supervisor of the Agape House had all the children lie on the floor for more than 2 hours until the army went away. We cry to the Lord, and He helped us make it through the night. Amen. Thank you for your prayer.”
Sharing this information with our readers is not an attempt by our office to be sensational. This information was not taken from a news report or any other source but was directly communicated to us for prayer. THIS IS REAL!
Please pray for these needs in addition we need your sacrificial financial support. We promise that every amount designated for these two prayer request will be totally and faithfully distributed to these places in need. Thank you in advance for responding to our appeal for this special need.