Krasnodar, Russia SOC

Andrea Sekhin - SOC Director

Andrea Sekhin - SOC Director

At the beginning of the School of Christ International in Krasnodar, Russia, I explained to the students that the name School of Christ is not just some brand or the name of an organization. The object of the SOC teaching is Christ, and the teacher is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will show you the Holiness of Christ and the many things that are in you that are not Christ. As the Spirit is dealing with your heart, you will receive instructions, be convicted, get inspiration, shed tears of sorrow and joy. You must be willing to let the Spirit of God work on you during the lessons and in the individual prayer times.

Some of the students later testified that when I spoke about the Spirit of God working in each life, they were skeptical because many of them had attended other Bible Schools and Theological Institutes. During their studies there, they had experienced none of these things.

At the graduation service, everyone testified how the School of Christ teachings influenced them. They stated that they had risen to the highest level of dedication to God, and their Spiritual life was totally changed.

Praise the Lord for His excellent work in this School. We had thirty-one students from different cities and churches located in Russia and Belarus. This group of students was made up of pastors, pastors wives, church leaders, deacons, and youth ministers. Everyone thanked the organizers of the School and those who financially support the ministry of the School of Christ International. May the Name of the Lord Jesus
Christ be glorified.

Krasnodar region in Russia