Larsen Family Joins SOC Staff In USA

Pr. Robert Turnage

Pr. Robert Turnage - President SOC

God continues to bless and enlarge the ministry of the School of Christ International. Brother Brian Larsen had accepted my invitation to serve as the Vice President of the School of Christ, and he and his wife Bivian have moved back to America to work out of the SOC office in Lumberton, Texas. They have worked for 21 years with the School of Christ as director and missionaries living in Argentina.

The founder of this worldwide mission’s work, Pastor B. H. Clendennen, saw the Hand of God on this couple and witnessed God as He prepared them for
ministry across much of the world. Through the years, they have effectively and faithfully taken the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the most impoverished and destitute tribes and people with many cultures and languages.

Bivian, Brian, Caleb (baby), B. J. and Adam

In addition to his preaching ministry that brings deliverance from sin, God has used him to minister to people who need God to supply needs in every area of their lives. They will continue to travel and work around the world making the United States their home base.

B. J. , Isamara, Melody, Bivian, Brian, Hatsumi, Adam, and Caleb.

Also joining the School of Christ staff is their son B. J. Larsen, his wife Isamara, and daughter Melody. B. J. is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and served as a translator for Brian as he ministered and taught the  SOC lessons. Caleb Larsen, a professional artist, is coming on board to help with the graphics.

Adam and his wife Hatsumi are working with a  ministry in Louisiana and continuing to translate the  SOC material into the Japanese language.

With this God-ordained ministry, we needed help. Not just anyone could fulfill the spiritual needs and have a Christ-like compassion necessary for ministry today. Pray for Brother Larsen and his family as we join our hearts together to see continued growth and increase in the power of the Gospel.