Message of Pentecost Made Real In Mexico

Richard Goebel

Richard Goebel - SOC Director

I was received with much joy and excitement when I arrived in Mexico City to check on the work of the School of Christ International throughout the Mexican territory, being coordinated by Pastor Jose of the Case de Bread Church. We traveled to four Mexican states: Nayarit, Jalisco, Guerrero, and Mexico City.  We came to encourage and lift the workers to continue to work the harvest God has called them to do.

It was beautiful to see such hunger in all of the students who gathered to be challenged by the powerful Word of God in the city of Puerto Vallarta. Traveling on to Nayarit and Acapulco, we were greeted with the same enthusiasm for the Word of God. The Holy Spirit moved during the graduation service for fifteen graduates.  Another School of Christ will begin in a few days with a new group of students seeking to know more of God. In Mexico City, eighteen students graduated from the SOC training. Pastor Miguel of Emanuel Church, a SOC graduate in 2000, states that in his church, they know that the teaching of the SOC works. They see a genuine move of the Holy Ghost in their church.

Praise the Lord for the hard work of our Mexican coordination team. Mexico is being blessed with the Pentecost message through the School of Christ. Many are being challenged with the Gospel in Mexico.