Mission Message (October 2021)

Pr. Robert Turnage

Pr. Robert Turnage - President SOC

In the following article, you will read about the final graduating schools conducted, as a part of the One Hundred Schools graduated by one of our great, faithful, and most effective Directors, Fernando Reyes, in the Philippines.

I have mixed emotions writing this report because I must now include that our brother is now numbered among those who have made the greatest GRADUATING class, to forever be with the Lord, on Wednesday, September 8, 2021. According to the law of the Philippines, a person must be cremated within six hours of death. As I am writing this article, I  received word from his oldest daughter that his wife, who also is infected by the virus, is showing slight improvement.

We must pray for our sister’s recovery and especially for the right man of God to continue the ministry of Brother Reyes, who had 38 pastors working together with him. We all have suffered in his passing.

I want to share with you Brother Reyes’ LAST report to our office. Please note the EMPTY CHAIR in the graduation photos in tribute to Brother Reyes as he could not make the graduation services.