Mission Outreach in Ukraine

Brother Andrea and his wife Luda Syrisko, themselves graduates of the School of Christ International in Ukraine, is now deeply involved in training workers with the curriculum of the SOC and pastoring the City of Praise church among Ukrainian people living in the United States. Since the war broke out between Russia and Ukraine, SOC has and continues to work with this couple to minister and help the relief efforts in Ukraine. I informed Brother Andrea that I would share the e-mail verbatim that he sent me and encourage people to help them in their relief efforts. Any offering sent to the SOC office designated “Ukraine” will be sent to the City of Praise Outreach.

E-Mail from Brother Andrey:
Since the Russians have attacked Ukraine, we have been very involved with rescue, feeding, and ministry efforts. It’s all over the news, but it is very personal to us. We have family, relatives, and close friends who are far from OK. They are scared, hurt, displaced out of their homes, very tired, and devastated. Some are fleeing for safety to Europe. My wife’s father is behind enemy lines, in the territory under Russian control.

Ukraine has been getting a lot of support and help worldwide. There are a lot of organizations on the western borders of Ukraine. Now, there is food and supplies and many volunteers, including our people. However, it is mainly on the west side of the country or in large cities.

Our most critical need right now is to get those supplies into Eastern Ukraine. People are starving on the front line in remote villages and hard-hit places. Our brave brothers and sisters have been driving into these areas to deliver much-needed help. On the way into these remote areas, our team of workers bring supplies, food, and water; on the way out, they bring people they rescued. We have access to necessary first aid, food, and supplies, but we need funds for fuel and maintenance to get it to those who need it most.

The School of Christ brothers (also known as the Ukraine Brothers) have been rescued and are now in the city of Zaporizhya, which the Ukrainians hold.

I also want to say thank you for your generosity and the love offering. The funds are being sent over to Ukraine and are used to save lives, literally. Thank you so much! Andrey and Luda Syrisko - City of Praise Outreach