Missions Convention 2022 – 30 Years of Ministry

Pr. Robert Turnage

Pr. Robert Turnage - President SOC

We recently completed the Missions Convention for 2022, the 30th Anniversary of the School of Christ International. Pastor Clendennen started this Missions Ministry to take the message of Jesus Christ to the entire world. He was led by the Holy Spirit of God and had the mind of Christ to make this one of the last days’ most effective and anointed works of God on the earth. He has finished his earthly labors and is now reaping some of what he sowed.

Before his death, he put in place those who would follow him and continue this God chosen work. By the help and grace of God, our current staff has, without change in method or message, continued the same effectiveness to lift up Jesus Christ. People are continuing to be saved and have life-changing experiences through signs and wonders for the glory of God.

This World Missions Report is presented in thanksgiving to the Lord for His blessings. We not only look back in appreciation to Him but look forward to His continuing blessings and leadership. To God be the glory. This year’s services were conducted during times of inclement  weather and storms, but God was lifted high and exalted.

Pastor Robin and Malissa St. Clair and their wonderful congregation were perfect hosts. Nothing was withheld or was lacking. All accommodations and meals etc., were spectacular. Every minister that spoke in the services was a former and current SOC Director. They are the best. I encourage you to go to Convention with us by getting the sights and sounds of all services; all services were recorded and are available for purchase. God bless you.