Mongolian SOC Work

Andrea Sekhin - SOC Fieldworker

Andrea Sekhin - SOC Fieldworker

The first School of Christ School held in Erdenet, Mongolia, was in May 2018. The students attending the first School were made up of church leaders, active missionaries, and ministers that were going to plant churches in remote areas of Mongolia.

During one of the morning prayer meetings, the Holy Spirit filled my heart with love and compassion for the missionaries God had called to work in remote areas. I cried and prayed as God gave me a heart for these people. It is challenging because they are working and live in places where it is very remote, and no one comes to visit them.

Previously, God had led me to work in remote villages in Siberia and Russia; therefore, I understood the situation of these missionaries very well. That day I promised God that if He allowed me, in September 2018, I would go and support these missionaries and believers.

God blessed and allowed me to make my first trip, as I had promised God, in September. Pastor Oko from Erdenet, Mongolia, whose church we held the SOC School, accompanied us. The road was long and rough. When we arrived, you could see great joy and surprise that I being a foreigner, had come. Pastor Oko testified that the Lord convicted him on that trip for not visiting these missionaries and churches.

Because of this trip, our relationship with the church in Erdenet became stronger. They witnessed that the SOC was not just in words but also works. They experienced firsthand
our love for the Christians of Mongolia.

It has been two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the borders of Mongolia have been closed. We have not been able to run SOC Schools, and very few times were we able to connect with them via the  internet.

In the summer of 2022, the Mongolian borders reopened. The question was whether to conduct a School of Christ School or visit the missionaries in rural Mongolia. After consulting with SOC Director Pastor Joel Pledge, he consulted with our Mongolian pastors. They said it was very difficult for the missionaries and felt it would be better for us to visit them and run the School of Christ School in May 2023.

In November, two Russian pastors and I traveled to Mongolia. Brother Otko the head of the missionary ministry in Mongolia and Pastor Oko from Erdenet, also joined us. We drove 3000 miles on some of the most difficult and steep roads. At times it took us all day to reach our destination because of the roads. We visited seven missionaries in different places. We were welcomed very warmly by the missionaries and people, and they were so thankful for our visit.

We listened to many different testimonies of God’s miracles that took place on our first visit there. One sister testified that her mother was in the hospital dying, but we went to the hospital and prayed for her, and the Lord completely healed her. Thank God! In every location, we heard many testimonies of God’s miracles and how the SOC has affected the lives and ministry of the missionaries.

In the province of Zavkhan, we held a service attended by missionaries from nearby villages. They were all encouraged. We were also able to help them financially with the needs of their church. It was a very fruitful trip, and we brought the life of God to every place.

At the end of our trip, we held a two-day seminar in the city of Erdenet. Other churches and missionaries across the city were invited to attend. Pastor Oko announced that in May of 2023, we would have a School of Christ School in the province of Zaykhan. Everyone was excited and preparing for missionaries and workers to attend. Thank God for this trip and ministry!

Praise God for the School of Christ, which brings spiritual life to the Christians of Mongolia!