Omsk, Russia School Of Christ

The School of Christ International training in Omsk, Russia, has finished with students from Armenia, Moldova, and Russia. One student in attendance was from Congo, Africa. He has been studying at the University in Russia for five years and will graduate and return to Africa this year. In this first year at the university, he found Christ, and he has a genuine desire to serve the Lord and witness to others.

SOC Graduates of Omsk, Russia.

For the first time, my oldest son, Samuel, taught the School of Christ with me. Samuel was only four years old when Founder B. H. Clendennen taught, and I translated the SOC in China. I asked Brother Clendennen to pray for Samuel that he would also be called to teach the School of Christ when he grew up.

Left to Right: Robert White, B. H.
Clendennen, Andrea Sekhin, and Samuel
Sekhin in 2001.

The Lord answered prayer. He has gone through the SOC School three times and preached the doctrine of the SOC in many churches. It is wonderful to see that the Lord is raising up young people to preach the Gospel and train men and women with the SOC material.

SOC Fieldworker Andrea Sekhin and Samuel Sekhin.

As always, we held to the schedule of teaching and prayer as taught us by Brother Clendennen. The Holy Spirit moved through the School, and a great work  was done in the heart of everyone in attendance.

Students returned to their churches with a new level of dedication and spiritual strength. Praise the Lord for all His wondrous deeds in this School. Thank you so much for supporting and organizing the School of Christ International through which we spread the Gospel through the earth.