Pastors Work Amid Civil War In Ethiopia

Richard Goebel

Richard Goebel - SOC Director

The Civil War in Ethiopia continues to get worse, and the country is in turmoil. There are about 500,000 Ethiopian refugees that are trying to flee the fighting. They need food, clothing, and shelter because most people who have fled the war zone have nothing but the clothes they are wearing.

Another concern is that the young men are being forced to join the army and fight. We have lost contact with some of our workers, and we do not know what has happened to them at this time.

Approximately twenty of the new churches we have planted in the last five years are in the northern region, where the war is raging the most. We have instructed the pastors in these areas to use wisdom. However, Pastor Samuel has made it very clear that they need to stay and be THE LIGHT during this darkness. They have an opportunity to preach Christ when people are inclined to listen. Many of our  pastors and workers have decided to stay, and they continue to preach Christ during this horrible situation.

One of the main cities under siege is Mekele. I was blessed to minister in this city, and we saw God move wonderfully among the people there. The School of Christ Schools that we held in Mekele were very powerful. We know we have solid churches and dedicated Pastors working in this area.

Currently, about 100 of our trained pastors have gathered in Addis Ababa for a week of fasting and prayer. Today is the 5th day of them seeking God for His Will to be done. They are asking for financial help, and we have been able to send extra money over our standard missionary support, but we need to send more.

God bless you for your continued support of Ethiopia.