SOC Bolivia

We traveled to Santa Cruz, Bolivia, to meet with Pastor Oscar Sierras from the indigenous area of Abapo. He contacted the home office of the SOC in Beaumont, Texas, to ask that we bring the School of Christ to his area to train the pastors and workers there. We started the SOC with 28 full-time students from different parts of the country. Once the School was completed, Missionary Richard Goebel ministered at the graduation service. Every word brought empowerment to all in attendance. The testimonies from the students were very emotional about how God moved in each of their lives. The pastors left encouraged and endowed with the Holy Ghost to continue reaping the end-time harvest. Pastor Juan Carlos Pedraza and Pastor Oscar Sierras have worked very hard in building the School of Christ in this indigenous area, and we are now seeing the fruits of that labor.

Once our work in Santa Cruz was finished, we traveled to La Paz, Bolivia, where we imparted the Word of God to some 400 Bolivian Assembly of God pastors. Pastor Arturo Casas and his team were eagerly waiting for us to celebrate a graduation and a congress with graduate students from the School of Christ in this beautiful city. More than sixty students graduated from the School of Christ in this city of Peace. I also met with different presbyteries in charge of other areas throughout the city. La Paz is an open door for the School of Christ to train workers and ministers. We must take advantage of this door that the Lord has opened.

We left for the Altiplano Plateau in west-central South America after our time in La Paz. Altiplano where the indigenous community called Markiribi is located. Pastor Wilfredo Gómez and his congregation were thrilled to have us among them to celebrate the School of Christ graduation. It was a day filled with God’s Word, and the Holy Ghost’s presence could be felt in our midst. Pastors and leaders full of simplicity came to receive the certificate that the School of Christ grants to every graduating student.

In these three graduations held in Santa Cruz, La Paz, and the community of Markiribi, we graduated approximately one hundred students. The work continues in these areas, and I ask for your prayers and financial support to continue the work of the Kingdom in Bolivia.