SOC Continues To Grow In Russia

Andrea Sekhin SOC Director

Andrea Sekhin - SOC Director

Thirty-eight students from ten different cities in Russia made up the School of Christ International School in Siberia. One pastor brought his entire ministerial team to go through the SOC.

Right from the very beginning of the School, you could feel the power of the Holy Ghost. You could feel and see the Holy Ghost working in the lives of these students. At the graduation service, students testified how the lessons and prayer completely changed their lives.

School of Christ International graduates from Siberia, Russia.

School of Christ International graduates from Siberia, Russia.

Upon returning home, one pastor reported that the atmosphere in his Church changed. Revival has started because of prayer, and the Church has begun to grow. Not even the conditions of the corona-virus pandemic can stop the move of the Holy Spirit.

It is so wonderful to see how the ministry of the School of Christ is developing more and more in Russia. Churches from Uzbekistan, Belarus, and other regions of Russia and requesting that we come and run a School of Christ in their area.

Glory to God for the School of Christ, which brings life and renewal to the Church. We have received many great testimonies from former students about how the School changed their lives and their churches.

Many thanks to everyone who supports the ministry of the School of Christ. Pray as we continue to go and train workers for Christ.