SOC Continues to Train Pastors and Workers in the Philippines

Roland Tabilangon - SOC Director

Roland Tabilangon - SOC Director

May 1st, 2022, we started our 101st School of Christ in the Philippines with ninety total students. Because of the rising cost of travel, we held this class in three locations, two different locations in Tarlac and one location in Dasel Pangasinan. We had three weeks of classes at each location and graduated the third group on June 30th,  2022.

There was a mighty move of God at each location.  Students learned to fast and pray, and the move of God was so real. Each group was filled with Holy Ghost power. God was blessing, and the river was flowing. All praise to God alone.


I am so grateful to be one of those chosen to work with the School of Christ International. The lessons in the book are no longer just great lessons to me, but they  have become a life-changing experience! Hallelujah!

Starting July 8th, I will be traveling to Urdaneta, conducting orientations with pastors for the upcoming 102nd School. We must work quickly because we are running out of time. The Lord is coming very soon! Pray for us as we continue to do the work of the Lord here in the Philippines.